Success Stories

Indian software company’s global success powered by Salesforce

An Indian software company crafted its global success story with the help of The company has a great security product and sells the same across the globe. Apart from the standard use of salesforce CRM in campaigns, leads, etc, they have leveraged heavily the functionality of multicurrency price books. Their product pricing strategy differs from customer geography, industry and size. Salesforce CRM removed the complexity of the cumbersome calculations and helped them reduce their turn around time. This in turn allows them more time to run more campaigns and generate more leads.

With salesforce, they have been able to increase their lead conversion ratio by about 30%. Besides, they have no investment locked in hardware, backup, data centre space, high availability etc.

Leading Foreign Bank could deploy a DR and BCP solution in record time without downtime

A leading Bank needed a three site Business Continuity plan for some of their critical applications. The challenge was that they were already using multiple technologies for independent applications. More importantly all applications were live and there was no possibility of any downtime. We were entrusted the task of designing, commissioning and maintaining the entire solution.

We studied the applications from their business impact perspective and arrived at a solution using a combination of technologies as required by the RPO and RTO for each application. We used Symantec Foundation Suite and Volume Replicator for replication, HP and EMC storage at the three sites. The architecture was such that all three sites replicated to each other and in the event of failure, the applications would failover to the nearest available site. The whole solution was deployed in record time and without a single minute of downtime.

A Non Banking Financial institution reduced its IT infrastructure operating expenses by 35%

A leading non banking financial institution required to deploy a myriad of new applications on different technologies. The traditional approach of dedicated hardware for each application made it extremely difficult in terms of financing, application rollout time and provided stiff feasibility challenges every time. We conducted an extensive capacity planning exercise using industry standard tools and topping it with our own real life experience to design a comprehensive solution for them. Using HP Blade Servers, VMWare Virtualization solution and Netapp storage we over achieved the target set by the IT and finance teams by

  • Bringing down the number of servers to less than half.
  • Implementing high availability for all applications
  • Reducing energy consumption by 60%
  • Reducing datacenter bills to a mere 35% of the earlier costs incurredv
  • Instant resource provisioning for newer applications
  • Introducing unmatched flexibility for adapting to special application requirements
  • And more.

A Telecom company increased application response time by 30%

A leading telecom company had major challenges in managing their storage growth and backup. Data was growing at an uncontrollable pace. The cost of storage had already overshot the budget. We introduced a new tiered storage strategy by storing only the most current and business critical data on a new high performance storage and moving the mediocre data on the older low performance storage. We then implemented an archival solution to move the older data on to tapes. The result was that

  • The growing cost of storage was immediately reigned in.
  • The response time to applications increased instantly by almost 30%.
  • The backup window shrunk to less than 30% of the original
  • Nothing in the existing infrastructure had to be scrapped which meant investment
  • protection for the customer

Treasury departments of banks now focus on transactions rather than worrying on the technical infrastructure side

Reserve Bank of India has deployed a payment gateway solution for settling high value interbank transactions. This payment gateway solution, popularly called as RTGS gateway, is mandatory for all banks to transact with each other. Each payment gateway comprises of a server cluster with a shared storage, Microsoft Windows Cluster, Oracle Database, Oracle RAC, IBM MQ Websphere, and the suite of applications from multiple software vendors (Logica, TCS and IDRBT). This infrastructure also needs to have a disaster recovery and business continuity mechanism.

The applications are quite complex and require frequent patching. Each patch needs to be tested in a test environment for its effects on other components of the solution and then deployed in production environment. Apart from that, there are a lot of regular application related support issues related to any of the payment gateway components. The users who transact in high value trades need the system up and running at all costs during RBI working hours. The implication of a downtime can result in losses of crores.

SK International offers a comprehensive payment gateway management service with committed SLAs to multiple banks in the country. The success of our seamless delivery is proven by the fact that we have these contracts from each of our customers for more than 5 years now.

A clean tech manufacturing company reduced production cost by 22%

A clean tech manufacturing company specialised in recycling project machinery used multiple systems for accounting, inventory, collaboration and sales management. We were able to integrate the disparate applications on Tally, Google, Salesforce through our application integration services. Apart from that there was a lot of data residing on multiple sources in Excel sheets.

By virtue of a single ETL and analytical platform the company was able to identify gaps in its procurement costs, inventory turn around time and were able to reduce the overall cost of production by 22%.