Networking & Security Solutions

High Performance.
Extreme Scalability.
Completely Secure.

Today’s business and applications demand very high levels of performance and scalability. Quicker access to relevant data translates to improved productivity. This mandates the IT teams to adopt state of the art technologies like 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, unified communication solutions, virtual overlay networking and so on. We help provide the connectivity platform to foray into the connected future.

Is your network infrastructure optimized to scale to meet the requirements of your applications?

Enhancements of server virtualization technologies and the resultant virtual machine sprawl has added complexity to the networking infrastructure. The industry is moving to segregate the data link and control link layers on switches and allow software to define and optimize the utility of the network infrastructure.

Our consultants can architect network solutions based on application demands ensuring scalability, security, performance and high availability.

Is your connectivity to Cloud secure, seamless and SLA driven?

It is imperative that customers will gradually move reasonable amount of their workloads to the cloud simply because of economic reasons. It is needless to mention that this migration has to take place with no impact on performance to users and with 100% security of applications and data.

Our solutions leverage the latest products from Cisco, Citrix, Palo Alto Networks, Arista Networks and others to ensure seamless and secured access to Cloud resources.

And we can manage it all for you!

Data and voice networks are an amazingly complex maze of technologies with challenges of their own. From handling volumes of data flow to ensuring security for the smallest byte and guaranteeing the expected quality of service to all consumers of the network is a humungous task. With network virtualization, abstraction and cloud related technologies becoming more and more mainstream, the technical skills required to manage such networks are becoming rare to get, expensive to train and difficult to retain.

Networking and security specialists from SK International manage your highly complex networks and ensure delivery of the desired quality of service to your organization while maintaining stringent security standards. We practice multiple support models ranging from 24x7 onsite support to remote management and based on the nature of the application and the customer needs we suggest the right model.