Infrastructure Solutions

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Unmatched Agility.
Absolute Reliability.

Information has become the lifeline of a business. The acquisition, storage and movement of data is of prime importance. Beyond these basic needs there arises a more important need of morphing of this data into relevant information and delivering it to the desired audience. Compute and Storage Infrastructure plays a vital role in this. With the multitudes of technologies and brands, rapid rate of obsolescence and constantly changing business needs, choices are always difficult.

What if we could ‘future proof’ your technology infrastructure?

Research shows that changing business needs and technology obsolescence are the major reasons for oversizing IT infrastructures. It is also seen that burgeoning data volumes are most difficult to contain. While technology life time is shrinking, businesses are also changing and evolving at a rate faster than ever. The backend technology needs to withstand this gale-force of change.

Our technology architects can optimize your compute and storage infrastructure, be it on premise, in cloud or hybrid. High performance, scalable storage solutions, cloud based and virtualized on premise computing solutions can adapt to ever changing business needs and ensure consistent and predictable performance.

What if we could reduce the operating cost of your compute and storage infrastructure?

With growing applications, devices, data sizes and business avenues, the demands on compute and storage side demands are going up like never before. Cost of acquiring and managing hardware is spiraling. It is more urgent than ever to control these costs.

By virtue of our offerings around server virtualization, storage consolidation, enterprise backup and private / hybrid cloud solutions built on VMWare, HP/Cisco, EMC/Netapp platforms we can ensure that these costs are contained, and eventually reduced. Re-engineering your existing IT infrastructure can help in reduction of operating costs by 20% or more.

And we can manage it all for you!

Compute and storage infrastructures form the core of your organizations digital assets. Whether the infrastructure is on premise, co-located in a datacenter or hosted on a cloud, the concerns remain the same. Uptimes, RPOs, RTOs, response times, right sizing, scaling, orchestrating the VMs, load balancing, etc are all issues that require specialized skills. With multiple virtualization technologies, rise of hybrid infrastructures, rising demands on compute and storage power, the complexities of maintain hardware infrastructure are ever increasing. The technical skills required for such tasks are often difficult to acquire and the rapid changes in technologies makes the learning curve just too steep.

SK International can take this entire responsibility off your shoulders and free your valuable resources for more productive and strategic tasks. We practice multiple support models ranging from 24x7 onsite support to remote management and based on the nature of the application and the customer needs we suggest the right model.