Business Critical Applications

Always On.
Available On Any Device.
Connected Ecosystem.

These are the 3 dimensions that define our business critical application strategy. We trust that cloud computing and securely connected applications and data mobility will form the cornerstone of any IT strategy. Every business has a large repository of information which it must leverage to compete effectively in the increasingly crowded marketplace. These applications that deliver information about customers, give real time analysis of what is happening in the organization, and help in either generating revenue or cutting costs are critical to any enterprise. We deliver such applications.

What if we could help you to increase your sales and service productivity by about 30%?

Global statistical analysis has shown that an always available suitably tailored CRM platform helps to increase sales and service productivity by about 30% . We have expertise in customization and development on the platform for meeting all the possible needs of your sales organization.

In the last couple of years we have helped over 50 customers to leverage the power of Salesforce applications and reap the benefits of reduced time to market, increased closure rates, complete real time view of the customer, improved customer satisfaction and so on.

What if we could integrate all your enterprise applications into a single seamless environment?

Enterprise applications usually operate in silos generating huge amount of critical data. An integrated environment lays the foundation of efficient data interchange between multiple applications that keep coming up all the time. Movement of data and its transformation to suit the application needs is based on a set of predefined business rules.

We provide such Enterprise Application Integration capability using Magic XPI. So whether you have SAP or JD Edwards, Salesforce or Sugar CRM or Microsoft Dynamics, Lotus Domino or Microsoft Sharepoint, we can integrate all of them. We have already helped a few customers to integrate could based applications such as Salesforce with on premise applications such as SAP to realize better benefits from both these applications.

What if we could reduce your cost by unleashing the potential of your own data?

Enterprise analytics can point precisely where the potential to unlock hidden reserves exists. Highly intricate statistical tools minus their complexity deliver this magic of insight into seemingly unfathomable data and present a clear picture of processes, efficiencies, costs, cause-effect relationships and much more.

We work with the world’s leading tools for integrating applications across the enterprise and create a single view of the data, allowing the business users to take quick and informed decisions that can help in reducing costs and increasing revenues. We convert the complexity of ETL, MDM, EAI etc to information rich reports and interactive dashboards for quick and easy consumption by business users.

And we can manage it all for you!

A business applications need discipline, integrity and dependability. Besides, attrition rates being high in the industry, the challenges of maintaining application consistency are magnified multifold. Substantial energies are also required for change management, maintenance, administrative tasks, application updates etc. And finally application performance is not just about the application software, but also about the database behind it, the middleware if any, the hardware on which it resides, and the network on which it rides.

SK International can take this entire workload off your shoulders and free your valuable resources for more productive and strategic tasks. We practice multiple support models ranging from 24x7 onsite support to remote management and based on the nature of the application and the customer needs we suggest the right model.